MetroWest Master Association welcomes and encourages residents to get involved in our community. There are lots of ways to get involved with MetroWest Master Association.

Design Review Board

MetroWest was developed as a community of quality buildings, both residential and commercial, with tasteful and aesthetically pleasing architectural design, constructed with long-lasting materials and high construction standards. All buildings were made to be harmonious with surrounding structures and topography. Landscaping was consistent with the aesthetic quality of MetroWest as a whole.

The Design Review Board is responsible for making sure that any alterations on any property unit, construction of new buildings or repairs to existing buildings, landscaping changes or site improvements are consistent with the original site plan and that they be aesthetically cohesive and pleasing to the surrounding area and buildings.

Until site plans, showing the proposed design, nature, kind, shape, size, color, material and location, have been submitted and approved by the Design Review Board, no action can be taken.

Meeting dates and times vary each month, so please contact the MWMA Management Office for the exact date and time.

To submit changes to the Design Review Board, please contact the MetroWest Master Association for assistance.

Fine & Hearing Committee

The Fine & Hearing Committee is dedicated to protecting the investments made in your property, enhancing the appearance of our neighborhood and keeping property values high. As such, the Fine & Hearing Committee is responsible for ensuring that the overall vision, standards and expectations of the MetroWest Master Association, Inc. Community are met.

Meeting dates and times vary each month, so please contact the MWMA Management Office for the exact date and time.

MetroWest MusicWORKS and WinterFest

Volunteer for one – or both – of our two annual, signature community events: MusicWORKS and WinterFest! Each 4th of July, the lyrical, diverse notes of MusicWORKS fill the air for an outdoor music festival celebrating multiple music genres and ending with a spectacular fireworks display. And each December, WinterFest, our family-friendly holiday celebration fills friends and neighbors with holiday cheer.

Volunteers are needed to help make these events run smoothly. Please lend a hand!

Please contact the MetroWest Master Association Administrator to volunteer.