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Community Safety Tips.

When out and about in the community, you should always be aware of your surroundings. When much of our time is spent in a vehicle, there is a chance that we may be a witness or victim to a crime.

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  • Always park in a well-lit area close to your destination. The best deterrent of crime is light.
  • Keep your vehicle locked at all times. Many newer vehicles automatically lock, however, you should always check.
  • When walking to and from your vehicles, walk with your keys ready in your hand.
  • If you believe you are being followed, don't stop. Contact 911 IMMEDIATELY.
  • When standing at traffic lights, be cognizant of your surroundings and what other people are doing. If someone approaches your vehicle, DO NOT roll your window down, If they are asking for help advise them that you will contact Emergency personnel for them.
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Reward Tips-Line
If you wish to remain anonymous please contact us at (407) 217-TIPS or (407) 217-8477.


Make Your Community Safer
Report! Your eyes and ears are value added to our public safety strategy. Tell us what you see and hear!

Engage! Get to know your neighbors. If you look out for them, they are more likely to look out for you.

Be mindful! Unlocked homes and cars and open garages are an invitation for opportunistic criminals. Bicycles and valuable items left in yards can quickly disappear.

Think first! Do NOT confront or follow suspicious persons or individuals engaging in criminal activity. Call 911 or report the matter to the Orlando Police Department.

Metrowest Public Safety

A Connected Community is a Protected Community.℠ Call us at 407-473-2021 and tell us what you've seen or know. The "PUBLIC" is a key component of public safety!

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Metrowest public safety. A connected community is a protected community

A Connected Community is a Protected Community.℠