A Connected Community is a Protected Community.℠

As MetroWest Master Association, an award-winning community in Central Florida, our mission is to contribute toward the quality of life for our residents, business owners and visitors alike, by fostering an environment in which Public Safety is a key component of the community.

Our Partnership.
Our Commitment.

The MetroWest Public Safety Program is a cornerstone of our effort to make MetroWest a great place to Live, Work, Play and Connect! We created the program after conducting an 18–month study that revealed the tremendous importance of community stakeholders — law enforcement, local security, property managers, local businesses and resident working together for public safety. Partnering with Critical Intervention Services (CIS), a Florida-based company that specializes in enhancing public safety through strengthening community organization and connectedness, we designed a program tailored to our community’s unique needs.

The program is based on the unique methodology of Community and Character Based Protection Initiative (CCBPI), which focuses on establishing trust, building relationships and connections among community members. Connecting the community members has strengthened the social capital of MetroWest.

That strong social capital investment allows for our community members to know, care and watch out for each other, at the same time sending a message to the criminal element that they will not be successful here.

The MetroWest Public Safety Program is working and getting results. We invite you to join us to help make a very positive and important difference in the quality of our community.


Social Capital
An Investment that Pays

The principle idea behind social capital is to bring people together through an investment of time and talent to promote public safety. Here the investment is not money but people. People like you, your neighbors, and many other area residents who value the peace and security of living in a quality community.

Metrowest Public Safety

Call us at 407-473-2021 and tell what you've seen or know. The "PUBLIC" is a key component of public safety!

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Metrowest public safety. A connected community is a protected community