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Community Strategies: When a Community Connects, Amazing Things Happen.

The MetroWest Public Safety Program features a wide variety of safety strategies that are organized to provide comprehensive, effective assistance in public safety issues.

Among the many strategies we successfully employ are:

Crime Free Leasing Standards
Communities that have instituted crime-free measures and realized a reduction of up to 75% in the crime rate within their community, receive a crime-free certification. Our goal is to achieve this certification for MetroWest.

Crime Free Multi-Housing
Crime Free  Multi-Housing is a national state of the art crime prevention program designed to reduce crime in apartments, condominiums, and other rental properties.   MetroWest has implemented this national Crime Free Program for our communities, with eleven currently certified as crime-free and more to follow in the near future.

New Residents and Business Contacts
New residents and businesses that are moving into MetroWest are greeted and welcomed to the community by MetroWest Public Safety officers.  We encourage these new community partners to be part of our efforts to connect and strengthen MetroWest through safety measures.

Meet the Bus
Provides the opportunity for Community Public Safety Officers to build relationships with MetroWest youth through positive interactions at school bus stops throughout MetroWest.

Victim Re-Contact
This program helps build trust with residents who have experienced victimization in our community. It also provides an important database on community crime and other information relevant to our public safety efforts.

Emergency Alert System (EAS)
Our emergency alert system notifies community members and businesses of significant events affecting MetroWest including inclement weather, traffic, imminent criminal threat, natural disasters and more.

Orlando Police Department “Stop-n-Talks”
Off duty Orlando Police Department (OPD) officers are assigned to traffic enforcement along main thoroughfares and near targeted hot spots. In addition to being a deterrent to crime, this strategy is a great way to connect with the community and build relationships with law-abiding residents and business partners.

One Way and Two Way Communications
We have created multiple communication channels to disseminate information among the MetroWest stakeholders, making it easy to stay informed on community safety developments.

Business Networking
Connecting with MetroWest businesses is a key public safety strategy. We engage local businesses to work with us in making MetroWest a safe place to shop and do business, as well as live and play.

Community Alliance Meetings
The alliance between our communities both inside and outside the MetroWest boundaries is imperative in the connection and intelligence sharing strategy.   The partnerships formed from these meetings make it a seamless effort to work together.

Bike Program
Public Safety Officers cruise the community up close and personal, creating endless opportunities for relationship building with residents and businesses.

With proven effective programs such as these and the participation of civic-minded residents like you, we will continue to work with law enforcement and other community stakeholders to let lawbreakers know that crime is not tolerated and does not pay in our community.


Awards and Articles

Learn about the seven-year collaboration between MetroWest and Critical Intervention Services (CIS), a Florida-based security agency that enhances public safety through its Safe Communities Programs.

2018 Crime Prevention Leadership Award from the Orlando Police Department. Read about it here.

2016 Orange County Excellence Award in Safety & Security

2015 City of Orlando/Orlando Police Department Crime Prevention Leadership Award

MetroWest is the recipient of the Florida Communities of Excellence 2013 Safety and Security Award, recognizing the MetroWest Master Association’s contribution toward improving the quality of life for residents, business owners and visitors alike, by fostering an environment in which public safety is a key component of the community.

2012 National Association of Town Watch, All-Star Award and National Night Out First Place Theme Contest Winner

2012 Orange County Neighborhood Division Excellence Award in Safety & Security

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A Connected Community is a Protected Community.℠