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Critical intervention services

About Critical Intervention Services.

Critical Intervention Services is a protective services agency based in the Tampa Bay area providing a range of specialized security and investigation services to businesses, governments and individuals in Florida and throughout the world. Founded in 1992, CIS is an industry leader in developing and instituting innovative and effective solutions for security and intelligence-related challenges, especially those in complex risk environments. Click here to learn more about Critical Intervention Services, Inc.


With Your Support.

Join the Community Organization that Works For Your Safety. To continue connecting and building on our successes, we need our residents, businesses and community partners to join in the Public Safety efforts. Partnering brings value with committed residents, businesses, MetroWest Public Safety and the Orlando Police Department as we work to maintain and protect the quality of life for our community. Your involvement is a key component to achieving the highest quality of life within MetroWest. We encourage you to ask questions and share your observations. May your concern be unsightly trash, an abandoned vehicle, graffiti, or any other problem that detracts from the beauty and serenity of MetroWest, make it known! MetroWest Public Safety officers are dedicated community problem solvers and our entire Public Safety Program is designed to help make MetroWest the best it can be.


Metrowest Public Safety.

A Connected Community is a Protected Community.℠ Call us at 407-473-2021 and tell us what you've seen or know. The "PUBLIC" is a key component of public safety!

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Metrowest public safety. A connected community is a protected community

A Connected Community is a Protected Community.℠